Kingdom Faith Developers

Kingdom Faith Developers

Developing Affordable Housing


Preserving the economic diversity of the community

Headquartered in New York City, Kingdom Faith Developers brings key local stakeholders together who share the common vision of creating affordable housing and community resources. We then help steward the resources necessary to make that vision a reality. 

We partner with faith-based organizations to assist in the development of land and in the provision of human services.

Our vision is simple, to create safe and affordable housing that enriches the lives of inhabitants and supporting the needs of the community.



Our experts know the important steps and guidelines that will help you successfully develop your property to serve the community and benefit your congregation.  We work with you to deliver long term solutions to the challenges brought on by fiscal difficulties, need to upgrade and modernize facilities, construction and other obstacles faced in development of properties owned by faith-based entities.



Connection with leaders in government to work with you on development or provision of human services


Introduce and provide education to the faith community on the concepts and skills necessary for engaging in real estate development


Financial sources at banks, non-profit organizations, foundations and credit unions that are attuned to working with faith-based organizations


Technical assistance

Experience with industry professionals including contractors, architects, attorneys, title companies and real estate analysis.



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